Tab component action When First Shown - what is the point?

If the When First Shown option of a Tab action runs the action(s) on page load, why don’t we just run those actions early on?

I only want to perform my action(s) when the user CLICKS the tab - which is implied by SELECTS. 


Mike, the “When First Shown” actions should only be getting run when the tab is first shown. For each Tab Set that is visible on page load, there should be a default tab that is shown, and so there will always be one tab whose “When First Shown” actions, if there are any, would get run on page load. But all other tabs in the tab set should NOT have their actions run initially on page load. If you are seeing different behavior than this, we would need to investigate further. 

Thanks, Zach. That is exactly the case.

We have a tabset in a drawer, and there are about 13 tabs. The tabset does not remember the user’s last tab. Tab #7 had a When-First-Shown action of Update-Field-On-Row, and this action was being executed when the drawer was opened.

We’ve had to work around this by exposing a checkbox in a separate field editor under this tab.