Tab Activation doesn't seem to work

I have a tabset “parentTab”, with tabs (a,b,c,d,e). In tab b, I have a button “redirect”, on button action, I’ve added the below JS snippet. I assume that should navigate the tab to tab - “d”. But nothing happens.

$ = skuid.$;
var tabSetId = “#parentTab”;

Am I missing something?

Hello Anjana-Malhotra,

I would in general recommend using inbuilt Skuid functionality and staying away from JQuery especially in v2 pages.

The above could be done in Skuid via the following:





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Hi @lukaspovilonis , I tried the below code

It is giving me the below error
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘cpi’)

It seems like the component Id you have provided is incorrect. Please double check the Id of your TabSet, also check for trailing/leading spaces and capitalisation.

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The problem is, I’m trying to access the tab-set component from another page.
I’ve the tab-set in page-A, each tab is routed to several other pages. I want to set the active-tab from page-C, whereas we have we have the tab-set in Page-A. Is that possible? How do we access component from other page?

Hey @Anjana-Malhotra! An event-triggered action sequence should help you “communicate” between different pages.

I’d suggest creating an event-triggered action sequence on page-A (where your tab set is located), with a custom event name, “change-tab” for example - and be sure to set the scope to “All active pages”. Add the snippet used to change the tab to this action sequence. Then in page-C (where you want to trigger the tab activation) use the “Publish Event” Action and reference your custom event name (“change-tab”).

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