System Object and Field Usage Report

As I can’t find a simple usage report of which objects and fields are used in an org, I’d like to create a page that reports this.

The storage usage report is only good to a point. I’d like a whole lot more than this. A combination of this report and Field Tripper, but completely automated into one page where one only needs to open the page and navigate to all the relevant data.

I’d like to display this as one master table w/ one row for each object w/ aggregate data with Charts, Drawers and/or Popups to display more detailed data.

This would be very very useful to understand the level of use of the schema for the org. Many orgs  for new clients I encounter are laden with unused junk.

There are a few things I need to do this.

  1. how to get a list of objects from an org
  2. how to create ui only model
  3. ??? things I haven’t yet thought of :stuck_out_tongue:
Can I use REST API on the org to get this information into models? I’ve thinking yes.

We are thinking yes too.  REST API will work. 

We also think you are crazy 

We also continue to be impressed with the crazy AWESOME stuff you guys come up with.   Keep it rockin! 

I might be crazy, but I can’t find any tool that gives me this information in one place. So, it should prove to be immensely useful.