Switch in treatment of combobox in Brooklyn....

This one blew my mind… I upgraded to Brooklyn. I have a bunch of models based on the Tasks (Activities) standard object using the “Subject” field. Prior to Brooklyn, these all rendered as text boxes. After upgrade, all these fields switched to picklists. It was like a magician pulled a rabbit out of a had. I was astonished. I assumed it was a Brooklyn issue, so I looked at the Salesforce task fields and to my amazement, the Subject field says that it is a Picklist! 
After some research, I found that the “Picklist” in Salesforce can mean either a picklist or a combobox.  The Subject field is a combobox that Skuid used to render as a text field and now renders as a picklist. I am now going through all the models and overriding the metadata on each of these subject fields to render as text. 


You’re correct, one update we made in Brooklyn is that we now respect the combobox nature of the Subject field on Task. You’re probably already aware of this, but you can still type in anything you want for the Subject field and save it; you aren’t limited to just the picklist values. If you’re changing the renderer for ease of use for your users, though, then I’m sorry that our change that was meant to be an improvement is causing you trouble :slight_smile:


Thanks, Amy The change makes sense. I just didn’t know it was a combo box. It is listed as a pick list in Salesforce settings so it blew my mind that I had been using it as text. Once I put the pieces together it was an easy fix. Just wanted to document for the community. Thanks!