Support merge syntax for date and datetime fields in AF Update a field on row

Currently, when using the action framework “Update a field on row(s)”, the value for date and datetime fields are restricted to built-in functions.

Would like to see the ability to be able to specify merge syntax so that values from other models/rows can be used to update the field in the target model.  Merge syntax is supported with other data types (e.g. text) but not date and datetime.

This has been previously identiifed as a good idea.  Wherever we show a date field in conditions or selection we should allow merge syntax. 


Had this issue before myself. You can work around it by writing the merge syntax directly into the XML.

Thanks Matt!

Another, easier workaround on this since it’s been two years…

Before you select you date field, fill in the merge syntax for the “single specified value.” Then if you select your date field and don’t touch the date selection options, you’ll be good to go.

that comment just came in very handy for me Matt. Thanks.

Yes. It does work.  Since its been 3 years and I am sure we are not the only ones with this issue.  Can we get this on road map?

Looks like Skuid is finally delivering this: