Support "except" when subscribing to field updates in action framework

Would like to see the ability to select the fields to “exclude” when subscribing to model field events.  I have a scenario where when one field is updated, I don’t want to run a certain set of actions.  To support this, I need to “check” all the fields except the one I don’t want (or write javascript).  The challenge here is that each time a new field is added to the model, you have to remember to go check that field in order to gain the AF actions.  By offering a “All fields except those checked”, it minimizes the risk of unintended behavior and reduces code/config maintenance.

I could see this working by having a toggle that indicates the checked fields are to be “included” or “excluded”.


Thanks Barry.  This is indeed a good idea.  I’ll mark it as “Under consideration” 

Thanks Rob.

Would be cool if the feature had categories:

All Fields - This allows new fields to be added to model without having to remember to go check the AF options
All fields except UI Only fields
UI Only FIelds
Specific - This would have a toggle to exclude the checked or include the checked