Support Date/Time functions in UI Only Date & DateTime Fields

When creating a UI-Only field of Display Type Date or DateTime, would be very useful to have stock support for functions like Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, etc.

Also, if you input an invalid value in the “Default Value”, instead of encountering an error/exception/warning, the page functions without issue and the field itself is not added to the model.  For example, if you input a Default Vaule of “Today”, a new row will not have a value for the field.  However, if you in put “1/1/1900” it will.  If an invalid value is input, likely worth at least outputting a warning to the console.

Both are good ideas. 

The second one is more widespread than just dates.  Whenever there are issues in the formula or UI only field we just silently fail.  There is a backlog story for “UI only syntax checking in the builder”.   We wanted to get that included in the initial relase.  But you know how that goes…