Superbank RC1: Table Issue With Empty Search Behaviour

This is in the Superbank RC running in a dev org.

I’ve been trying out all the new features on tables. Everything looks great except for when I try to set the new Empty Search Behaviour attribute to Remove All Model Data. As soon as I switch that on, my filters return nothing at all. If it’s off, everything behaves as normal.

Perhaps it’s because I spell “behaviour” with a “u”?

Yup,  this looks like a problem.  I’ll pass it along to the Dev team. 

Glenn,  what you are experiencing is actually the expected behavior.  Basically, when you check that box, you’re saying there must be a search string in the box for any results to show. This means that even filters will need to have search text before they work. 

Ah, gotcha. OK, I get it, makes sense. Perhaps if the label was “Empty Search/Filter Behaviour” it might eliminate any confusion.