Superbank RC: 1. Could not load the builder for the skuidvis__chart component.

Install RC. Open random page and get this error:


If you click on that Skuid Settings tab, do you see an entry along the following lines:

That last record named “skuidvis” is the component pack.

My load order is different from yours - dunno why.  However, I changed the load order to match yours and the problem went away.

I was just typing, "I don’t know why your load order is different, but since Visualizations depends on Core, that’s probably the issue."

We’ll have a look at our scripts and see if this might be an issue for other upgrades, but at least for now, thanks for helping us find a workaround!

Thanks for the quick response.  I am unblocked – enjoying exploring the new release along with a nice California Cab.

No problem! Thanks for kicking the tires for us. Enjoy that Cab, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think.