Superbank install version and date


My installed package shows that I have Skuid 6.8.6, but the install date is 9/11/2014.  I don’t see some of the features in the Superbank launch webinar (I see charts, but not visualizations and some other things).  Since the install date is from September, I’m wondering if I have a beta version??  Thanks in advance!  Kris

Install date is the date that you first installed Skuid. It is not the upgrade date.

Go to Skuid Settings and check that the VisualizationComponents component pack is listed, the load order and set to Active

Thank you for this info.  It’s very helpful.  I do see that VisualizationComponents are listed.  I also see under the “Installed package detail” that the status is active (I don’t see a status if i click on visualizationcomponents).  I don’t see load order…


Does your load order look like mine?

OH…I was looking in a completely different place.  I found what you’re talking about though and did not have component packs selected.  I enabled them and see what i was hoping to see now!  YAY!  THANK YOU!!!


Kris.  Here is another place where reaching out to the guys at Practice Pro Therapy will be important.  They are managing Skuid for you, and I’d not want to mess up what they have done.   We could explain what is happening and detail all the differences,  but I don’t want to go further than what they are doing for you with the Practice Pro solution.