Summer update broke at least 3 of my pages

I found that three of my pages were not working this morning. I have made no changes to the pages or the objects. I believe it must have been Salesforce upgrade to Summer. It seems to be an issue with the field editors on that page. I get this console error.

skuid__SkuidJS:5 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of undefined
at f (skuid__SkuidJS:5)
at Object. (skuid__SkuidJS:5)
at Function.each (skuid__JQueryJS:2)
at Object. (skuid__SkuidJS:5)
at Function.each (skuid__JQueryJS:2)
at Object.getPicklistEntriesValidForRecordTypes (skuid__SkuidJS:5)
at getValidPicklistEntries (skuid__SkuidJS:15)
at (skuid__SkuidJS:16)
at Object.readonly (skuid__SkuidJS:16)
at g.render (skuid__SkuidJS:15)

After trouble shooting it seems to be related to only some picklist fields. I have a handful on the page and have tried removing them one by one and found that three picklists are a problem:
Two are picklksits and one is a multipicklist. Other picklists don’t cause a problem. I don’t see anything remarkable about the problem picklists. If I remove them from the field editors, the page works even though they are still in the model. If I add them back to the field editors, the page breaks again. 

Across all the pages that are broken, I have Identified 4 picklist and 1 multi-picklist fields that cause this issue. I have removed them from the field editors/tables in my pages as a work around, but a couple of the fields are very important to our business processes so a quick resolve would be appreciated. 


It sounds like you are running into this known issue with Summer '17. The full details are in that post, but the TL;DR; on the matter is we have already released patches which restore interoperability with Skuid and the Salesforce Summer '17 release:

  • Rockaway Iteration 15
  • Brooklyn Iteration 7
  • Brooklyn Update 1 - Iteration 6+
  • Brooklyn Q2 Point Release
These are currently available on the Skuid Releases page. However, here’s a friendly reminder that Salesforce does NOT provide a way to roll back versions of managed packages. We always recommend installing new versions in a non-business critical sandbox environment to test all mission critical functionality before installing into a production environment. We also recommend that you update out of date themes when you upgrade.

Thanks, J. That fixed it. I upgraded to version 10 and updated themes. It fixed the problem and I (so far) don’t see any new issues related to version 10. Thanks.

I spoke to soon. Version 10 just blew up one of my pages that has a lot of conditional rendering of objects based on field values of a UI only field.