Summer 14 Release is the best!

Just wanted to say congratulations to the Skuid team on a ‘Best’ Summer 14 Release.  You have just saved me an extra hour a day, at least.  Actions, Create a Record, Themes, Hot Keys, Page Packs, Component Packs, Table Drawers… Loving it all!

Thanks for the encouragement, Gregg! We are excited about it, too! Love to have fans like you!

An hour?  Several hours!!  I echo Greg’s feedback…the new features are awesome, congrats to the entire Skuid team and thank you!

Gregg - You mentioned “create a record” - Did I overlook a new feature?  Any details on what was added in this area?  Thanks!

Hi Barry.

Yes you can!  There are a few places you can use actions (like rows etc.) and one is in a page button which can (like other places) perform multiple actions including update a field or create a new row in a model and more…

And yes you are right - the more I look into the new features the more I can see my watch moving backwards.  If the team keep it up I might just go back to the future!


Thanks Gregg!  Just caught the update field & create new row actions, very slick indeed!