Summary Results based on Filtered Value

  1. I have 10000 students in DB
    2. Now when I apply filter the result is 2000
    3. I am trying to display sum of all students matching those students so that value is 2000. 

    However, this value always remains 10000. 

    This sounds pretty obvious and easy and I am sure that everyone must be needing this functionality.

    Because I cannot load all the data at once, I cannot do final result SUM on all data.

    I would like to hear from others who had to struggle through this!


I’m not sure I understand what you are reporting. 

1. Are you expecting to see the Sum of the filtered students?   (i.e. you filter to 2000 students, and the count summary at bottom of table shows 2000)

This is the way the summary lines are supposed to work.  If this is not working we will want to take a look. 

2. Are you expecting to see the total count of students regardless of the way the data is filtered  (i.e. you filter to 2000 students and the count summar still shows 10,000)

To get this I would use an aggregate model to show just the student total.  It can’t be in the bottom line of the table,  but you can use a template field to get any number of treatments of this data. 

You might also look at this interaction with Joe about showing detail and summary data on the same page:…

  1. Are you expecting to see the Sum of the filtered students?
    Now i am explaining real problem.
    I have set max limit to 20 so when I am applying filters at that time only 20 records are displayed.
    But i need to dispaly all the records who affected by current condition. 

Then you need to remove the model max.  Which may produce a heap size error,  but it should be your first approach. 

If you do have heap size errors,  you may need to have a second aggregate model that listens to the conditions on your firset model and implemetns them as they are changed.  Pat Vachon has modeled that technique here: