"Submit" Button on Approval Process Flows

We now have a problem when a user hits a submit button (custom button with URL on SKUID page) for an approval flow.  This messages shows up-

We need to confirm that your request is valid. Please repeat your last action.
I’ve never seen that before.  Has anyone encountered this?

Can you please describe the custom button? Do you mean that you created an element on the page? How is the URL specified? Do you also create a custom element?

Sorry, here's the button that I have-

It worked on Friday when I left the office and now it doesn't.


We had the same problem. With the SF winter 16 release this button now needs a confirmation token. The way I got around this was with Robs solution on this post. Hope this helps!

Thanks, Tami! I got that to work.

We are also taking a look at the new approval process requirements and evaluating whether Skuid can call the approval actions directly. 

I’ve added another option to the post Tami links to above.  Another way to fix this…