Styling lots of table row actions

We use Skuid to automated business processes from front to back office and everywhere in between, and often we have tables of data where users can take many actions on a single row.  This leads us to have lots and lots of row actions for a table which causes two problems:
1) users have to hover on the icon to see what the action will do (or memorize the icons we have selected)
2) Lots of row actions take up lots of space

My ideal situation would be to have something like a Navigation component in place of the table row actions - or just a “Action” picklist, were users can decide what to do with that row.  Or somehow restyle the Row Action framework to appear as a drop down (even better because of the context getting passed.)

Anyone done anything like this?

Hi Chandra

Seems this post is really similar to what you are looking for:
Maybe this can help you further.

Hi Chandra

I know this problem with overloaded tables very well. Usually I try to find a solution on the UX/UI side by splitting the UI in process-following work-views. For the performance and UI-overview (human-error-risk) it would be better to have smaller job-specific data to show and work with. But sometimes it also possible to just render the actions and fields according to the Users Role/Profile/Flag or through Navigation. 

You could try such a workaround with a Navigation for the type of work the user wants to work on. As an UI-Only-Picklist from which the RowActions in the Table can be rendered according to the Worktype and the users sees just the RowActions which he will need in this process.

How overloaded is your table, is such a solution even possible?

Here’s a post I just added with a full solution.