Store unsavec changes in Session

Hi we have a notes field that user intermittently saves. The use case is such that we can only save the model when they are done with the page. So we can save the notes to another field from another model behind the scenes and auto populates the notes field. However, this is only specific to one logged in user. If another user is in the same page, their notes might overwrite other user’s work. Another approach comes to mind is using browser session or server Apex session. Has anyone implemented session restore of field values in Skuid?

Yo may want to move to a one to many notes configuration where the main record is the parent and the notes are children. Another option would be to “check out” records where one user at a time would be able to edit a record. That user would check that record back in when done.

Thanks. We used the platform session cache feature. Check that out. It’s pretty cool.

I will. Thanks