Still defect after 6.8.9 during unit test (Urgent)

(Filing new as other defect was marked as resolved)

Hi Zach

1. Yesterday we filed this
2. You created emergency fix in 6.8.9
3. We installed this
4. We also checked all unit test (APEX trigger issue) due to managed package issue.
5. Our managed package issue is still there

In addition, out team is still reporting another issue after 6.8.9 - which is a different error now! Once again, I am not sure that this is in any way related to our managed package creation issue. But, I would appreciate if you could look at this urgently.

You have an access to my Salesforce. Happy to send you details of DE Org on a private email.

Hi Zach,

I am getting below error while I am doing a unit test of skuid.

System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: 20, Actual: 2

That error occur in below file



Hi Unmesh, you are correct, we have replicated this new test failure, it was an oversight in the last patch. We are working to resolve.

Unmesh, we have updated the patch to correct this failing unit test, it is available on the Skuid releases page as Patch 4, now being 6.8.10.