Sticky Table Headers

Especially for tables with lots of columns, it would be great to have the left hand columns locked so they follow you as you scroll through the page. “It would be a great benefit if the Table components in Skuid offered sticky table headers - at least for the top, and ideally for the left hand row as well.” via evandonavan on

Please! For a grid like function, this seems like a no-brainer, right?

One of my clients definitely needs a way to freeze table column headers so they continue to show at the top when one scrolls down when in a table with lots of records. Or perhaps there is a way to emulate it by playing with the CSS or adding some javascript?

Yes, please!

Yep had a request for this today from a trial customer.

We definitely would love this feature. I tried messing around with the css but could not get it to stay and gave up. :frowning:

Sorry.  We have heard this request… 

Add one more vote to this idea, thanks.

Freezing row and/or column title would be awesome.

We are pleased to announce that we are planning to have Sticky Table Headers, as well as the ability to freeze Table Columns on the left, in our upcoming Winter 15 release. 

Woohoo. You guys are awesome