steps to put a skuid app in the app store

It will be a free app i understand about submitting for a security review but how do i set it up so that the users who import it into their orgs and get skuid at the same time?

I’m pretty sure the answer when I asked this a few months ago was that Skuid doesn’t offer combined installation of the Skuid base app and “Extensions” of Skuid which would be your app. I think you have to install Skuid into the org first, set it up, then install your managed or unmanaged package.

There’s a good thread on this over at this link -

Basically the steps should be: 
- upload your managed package to the appExchange,
- successfully pass the security review
- spin up a Trialforce org from your environment hub
- install Skuid into that TF org
- install your app into that TF org
- create sample data in your app in the TF org

Then when users install from the AppExchange they should get an exact copy of the TF org.

Just one question - how is it going to be a free app? users will at least have to pay for the Skuid licences won’t they?

This is correct, using a Trialforce is the only way to install multiple packages at once. Salesforce has talked about offering this feature, but I don’t think it has materialized yet.

Yes, of course they will have to buy skuid licenses… but i imagine they will buy them from skuid… they just won’t have to pay for the app. However, it won’t be a managed package.