Standard state/country picklists for a Text field

We have a separate field that our General Ledger syncs with around addresses (our standard Account Billing State/Country will list where the company is HQ’d whereas the other Text field matches where the bill has to be sent; not always the same place as HQ).  

Our finance team is running into sync issues because they enter bad data.  To resolve this, I was hoping I could leverage the standard state/country picklists we’re using elsewhere in SFDC.  Any ideas how I could use Skuid to create a faux picklist experience for our finance team?

Custom Field Renderer!   Maybe using a Custom Setting to source your list!  To the rescue! 

Here are some forum posts that may help:

That might work but I’d have to build the table in a Custom Setting (Countries and then States along with the dependencies).  In that case, I might as well just build the field into a picklist. 

Is there no way to connect directly to their standardized list?  In case you aren’t familiar with the feature I’m referencing:…

@Rob - any ideas outside of custom settings?  Please see my prior post for reference info on the standard picklists if you haven’t come across that functionality yet.

Joe.  I am aware of the State and Countries Picklists.  (See this post from last year)

However,  according to the Salesforce Doc  - it does not look like you can connect them to custom objects or fields.  The Account object has a standard Billing and Shipping address block.  Can you not use one of these for your Synch field?  I think this will be the only way you use the standard picklist functions. 

Shipping address… so simple… we don’t use it so might as well use it for our GL!

I love it when simple answers work…