Standard SF Phone Field Not Displaying in Contacts Model

Hi, I’m not seeing the standard SF phone field from my contacts model, is there any reason why?

I assume you want to be able to use the “click to call” features that are available in phone fields. 

If your user is set up to have access to a call center - the phone icon will appear on all phone fields.  You also need have the sidebar exposed and the click to call app installed in the sidebar. 

Hopefully that gets you started. 

Hey Rob, thank you for answering my questions. I simply want to pull in the standard SF phone field into my Contact model and for whatever reason, I’m not locating the filed to pull in. Why is that?

Are you looking for “Business Phone”   that is the label for the standard phone field in Salesforce. 

Can you see the field in a standard layout? 

It should be there…