Stage Field Shows All Stages After Brooklyn Update

The main issue is that the ‘Stage’ field for our opportunities isn’t referencing our sales processes which it had in the past. So instead of showing the 5 stages for the team, it now shows all 30 stages. 

I’m thinking I can use the filter by dependent picklist in to update the condition on the opportunity so only the stages available per record type show.…

I wanted to see if anyone else had run into this issue or had a more viable workaround.

And the problem fixed it’s self overnight without any changes made, wooho!

Now the problems back, all stage and opportunity type picklist options are showing.

In a nutshell, any picklists related to the record type (Opportunity Type, Stage, etc.) are not correctly displaying their selections correctly in Salesforce Lightning. The same exact pages on the other hand work perfectly fine in Classic.

Account Lightning Page

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