Spring '23 Salesforce - Lightning Web Security enabled in new orgs. This breaks Skuid


With the Salesforce Spring ‘23 release Lightning Web Security is being enabled by default in new Salesforce orgs and existing orgs with no custom components.

Skuid’s Lightning component is Aura-based and currently is not supported by Lightning Web Security. It will not work if Lightning Web Security is enabled.

Customers will either need to deploy Skuid pages using Visualforce or turn off Lightning Web Security until changes are made by Skuid and Salesforce.


What is changing with Spring ‘23.

In the Salesforce Spring ‘23 release LWS is being enabled automatically in the following scenarios:

  • New orgs
  • Scratch orgs
  • Sandbox orgs
  • Production orgs that don’t contain Lightning web components (LWC) or Aura components
  • Production orgs that contain LWC components, but don’t contain Aura components, if LWS for LWC was enabled in Winter '23

What happens with Skuid
Today Skuid pages can be deployed to users in a Salesforce org using a Visualforce page, using the Skuid Page or Skuid Page Assignment Lightning (Aura) components, or using a custom Lightning (Aura) component bundle.

Using Skuid in an Aura component currently does not load if Lightning Web Security is turned on.

An error like this will appear:

While you can successfully install Skuid, build Skuid pages, and preview them from the Skuid app, Skuid pages deployed in your Lightning apps using our provided custom components will not work.

How to solve this problem NOW.

  • Deploy Skuid pages in a Visualforce wrapper - either in Salesforce Classic or using the Visualforce component in your Lightning App Builder pages.

  • Return to using Lightning Locker for Lightning components by deselecting Use Lightning Web Security for Lightning web components (GA) and Aura components (Beta) on the Session Settings page.

NOTE: Salesforce aggressively caches settings in your pages, so you may need to clear your cache and do a hard reload of your Lightning page in order for the change to Session Settings to be effective.

Salesforce does plan to enable Lightning Web Security gradually for all customers over coming releases. The setting to disable it is temporary and will eventually be removed.

Long term solutions.
Skuid is working on several strategies to correct the problems with LWS:

  • We are actively adapting Skuid so it can be deployed in a LWC as well as an Aura component. This new deployment method will be ensured to work with Lightning Web Security.

  • We are working with Salesforce as they refine the LWS support for Aura components. Their documentation acknowledges that LWS for Aura components is still BETA - and slated to be GA with he Summer ‘23 release (safe harbor). They have assured partners that Aura support will be in place well before they complete the rollout. It is likely that changes will be made by both parties to ensure continued support for Skuid pages deployed in Aura.

  • Any necessary changes will be added to future versions of the Skuid product and made available as patch upgrades to supported prior versions of Skuid.

  • This is a developing story. More details will be provided as they are available.

More information.


Support for Lightning Web Security was enabled in the Edinburgh Update 1 release.

Skuid SFX Edinburgh Update 1 Release Notes

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