Spring 16 issue with Lightning Ap Builder

Be a ware of the following Spring 16 issue with managed packages:

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Problem Type:

General Salesforce Functionality

Product Topics:

Mobile - Salesforce1

Case Subject:

Trying using Lightning app Builder

Severity Level:

Level 4 - Medium

Case Description:

When editing a Page with Lighning Page Builder it fails.

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Error ID: 1508861670-576211

Steps to Reproduce:

Click on Build Lighning Ap Click on edit Member,

Created By:

Bill Fox

Created Date/Time:

03/09/2016 05:52:01 PM EST


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Case Comments:

Connection User  03/09/2016 08:09:33 PM EST

Hello Bill,

My name is Kevin and I have taken ownership of your Case # 13259036. I understand that you are returning an error when editing an existing lightning page via lightning app builder. I was able to easily reproduce the error message on my end. I ran the stacktrace ID and there is an existing bug logged for this. It looks like the issue is due to having a custom component on the lightning page and then making a modification to the custom component, such as renaming it. Currently, it looks like the scheduled fix is slated for Summer '16 (Safe Harbor). Please let me know if this answers your questions and if I have permission to close the Case at this time. Should you have further questions regarding this Case, please let me know and I will follow up with you accordingly.

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Kevin Chatterton II
Success Agent - Tier 2
Salesforce Technical Support

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