Special character displayed in the Excel after export....

Hi team, I have a export button for one of our pages, where is exports all the columns and values in excel sheet. But after exporting in the excel it is showing special characters in the excel. For example “-” in the page has been replaced to "– after exporting data. Any body have any idea how to resolve this issue ???

Hi, Rahul,
I’m not able to reproduce this. Is the “-” in the column header or in a field value for one of the records in the table? Which browser are you working in?

Hi Emily,

  I'm Rahul's team mate .Has he is on vacation ,I will fill in the details .

1.The "-" is in field value

   eg:  Events – Single Client Sales Execution  is exported has

Events – Single Client Sales Execution in the .CSV file.

2.It happens both in chrome and Firefox.


I think there’s a difference between a “–” and a “-”. It seems like the longer dash is causing some issues.

Thanks ,dashes correction did solve the problem.