Spark: can not create a design system

I retract this…I can…I just can’t name my design System “Test”

Hi, Conlan. Gald to hear you got this sorted, but you should be able to create a Design System named “Test” actually. I’m guessing that maybe you have a Theme named “Test” as well? This would result in two Static Resources named TestSKTHEME, and I’d bet that was the issue. We could probably do a better job at letting you know that’s a problem though.

Thanks J. Yes, it appears I had an old Theme called Test stored within a Static Resource. It looked odd though, because that test Theme did not appear on my Themes page. Could it be I deleted the Theme a while ago, but the static resource remained?

Yes, that’s almost certainly exactly what happened. We don’t actually delete the Static Resources when you delete the Theme record from the Themes list. It would create a way for customer to delete static resources who otherwise may not have permission to do it. There’s also no backup if you delete the wrong theme file.