SOSL search not working for Text Formula


I’ve created a table with a search box in it, which I want to search all text fields.

Additionally, I also want it to search one specific multipicklist, and the related account name.

I added a UX only field with a text formula to include the account name as it didn’t search reference fields, and that worked great. However I’ve done the same for the multipicklist as can’t get that to work. I’ve checked & the value appears as I would expect it to, but just isn’t being picked up.

Any ideas?


Hi Laura, that’s a clever idea. Do you see any errors in your browser console?

No it doesn’t say anything. It searches other fields ok, just not that one.

There is a way to set your table search up to also search UI-only fields. That can be done by looking in the table properties > Filters & Search > Search Properties > Search Method. This might be closer to what you’re looking for. The nature SOSL searches means that using they’re only able to search through SOSL-enabled fields. It’d be worth experimenting with this setting, and one consideration witih client-side searching is that I don’t believe such a search will re-query the model data when performed.