Sorting table results in uncaught exception

Hello -

Encountering an unhandled exception when sorting a table. The scenario that exposes this is when a row in the table has been edited and then you try to click the sort arrow. As soon as a edit is detected, skuid disables filter buttons, search box and the arrow div but the event listener is still attached.

Error: Uncaught Model ‘’ has unsaved changes. To update this model’s data, you must first save or cancel the changes.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create tab page (stock page) for Account leaving all defaults
  2. Edit a row’s “Account Name” field value - Search area & order arrow icons will “dim”
  3. Click the Account Name sort arrow

Actual Result:
Uncaught Model exception

Expected Result:
Nothing happens :slight_smile: Debatable if arrows should be hidden rather than disabled since the user might not notice the “dim” effect and will click it anyway. At a minimum, event listener should be unattached or check to see if span is disabled before requery.


Thanks for the bug report.  I have been able to reproduce the issue.  Will add it to the list of things to fix. 

Thanks Rob!

This will be fixed in Superbank Patch 9.

This has been fixed as of Superbank Patch 9, now available on Skuid Releases.

Initial smoke tests confirm this appears to be resolved in 6.8.20.

Thank you!