Sorting display in picklist

Is there any way to sort the values in a picklist… i have a picklist drawing from a model called “minutes”, and the minutes were entered in order… 5,10,15 etc but they don’t display in that order in the picklist. This is a very common thing to have to do when you have picklists based on data… imagine i had a picklist based on a customer list… i would want the customers to appear in alpha order

You should be able to set the order of the source model. Go to the advanced tab and set “fields to order records by” property to whatever you want. You can do anything that you could do in regular SOQL. Like “CreatedDate DESC, LastModifiedDate”

Thanks Ben, That worked.

Hey Ben is there a way to do this programmatically? I have a picklist of month values Jan,Feb,Mar etc. I would like to sort them based on the current date so I can display the next 12 months instead of always defaulting to “Jan”. Any Ideas? 

Hi Moshe, I think your situation is a little different from Ken’s because he is using a Reference field, where you’re trying to get this to work with a Picklist field.  I think your best bet would be to make a Custom Renderer for your field.  You could use the skuid.model.getModel(‘MyModel’).fieldsMap(‘MyField’).picklistEntries API to get the entries, and then construct your own select box.  But there is no easy way to do this. :frowning: