sort reference field picklist

Even tried creating a formula field on the Pitch object for the display template of the field. It’ll display the Pitch formula field in the picklist but still sorts based on the Name. I resorted to adding “0” in front of each entry in the Pitch table so it sorted the way I’d like and kept the formula field to display the value of Name.

The name field is a string field,  meaning it is getting sorted by alpha.  That’s why it gets sorted 1, 11, 12, 2, 21, 3, etc. 

You have resorted to adding a leading zero - which will work (Though its ugly).   You also could add a Number formula field to the object that transalted the name field number into a true number.  Then use the display template on the reference field to show that field instead of the name field. 

Those are your two options.  

That’s exactly what I did. Looks the best but isn’t ideal.