sort order on funnel chart

HI ,

I tried creating a chart with Funnel and cannot figure out how to have it sort by the highest to the lowest SUM

My series is as follow

Function: Sum
Data Field: Amount
Split field: Name

The order of the funnel shows the name in alphabetical order instead of ordering by sum (highest to lowest)

Anyone would know how i can accomplished this?

I tried creating an agg model and grouping name, but that did not help either


Hi Dave~

Are you trying to create something that looks like this with the amounts descending?

If so, this is how I did it:

On the model that the data is coming from, specify amount DESC in the fields to order records by.

It is showing in alphabetical order based on the split field you chose (name). Try using Amount as the split field.

Please let me know if this works for you.


Hi Karen, and thank you for your help

I’m trying to have the split type as the state per example on SS below
but order by sum of the value desc

In this example the State of CA should be top of funnel, as it has biggest value

Preferably without changing the default model sort order (used elsewhere)

Thank you

Hi Dave~

To do this, you will need to create a second model for the same object that operates as the aggregate model.

In my example, I have an opportunity model and opptyForFunnel model that is my aggregate model. The aggregate model is being sorted by the aggregation sum in descending order.

Here is how to set up the aggregate model:

These are the properties set up on the funnel:

When new rows are added to the opportunities list view (on the opportunity model), you will likely want the changes to update on the funnel (from the opptyForFunnel model). To do so, set a model action on the opportunity model as below such that the OpprtyForFunnel model gets queried when the opportunity model gets saved.

Hope this helps!



It helped a lot, as now it works :slight_smile:

Tyvm for very well detailed explanation.

For you guys following along at home - Karen is our new Support Engineer at Skuid.  She’d used Skuid before coming over, but she’s learning tons more these days. She’s been jumping right in on the forums. I’m super pleased with the help she’s giving!