Some Users Can't Access Pages Through Redirect

I am having a permissions issue of some sort. I am setting up an org and I can access everything without issue. All other users, however can’t access Skuid pages though overrides. They have access to the VF pages which use skuid redirect. I have org default page assignments which work for me, but other users are getting bounced to the standard salesforce pages. They can navigate to the skuid page directly via URL, so they have access to the page. For some reason they are getting bounced from the page assignments. I can’t figure out what permission they don’t have that they need. Can anyone help?

Quick check.  What is the org default for the page assignment object.  We’ve recentely seen new installs have the Page and Page Assignment object be installed as “private”.   This will mess you up for sure.  Make it public read only (at least). 

Thanks! That was it. I had the permission set of Skuid Admin. Everyone else had Skuid Viewer. That plus the private setting on pages and assignments org wide default must have been the issue. Thanks!