Some Recent Items quirks

Adding a recent items sidebar back to a new skuid page by popular demand. I would like to do it in Skuid rather than just add the Salesforce sidebar back in. My recent items table is adding in some weird items that point to Insufficient Privileges links - “View_xxxx” and “All”

Another issue, more of a question - is it possible to have the icons like the standard Salesforce layout? Is there a way to reference those somehow? We have some pretty bad names like Tra123456 and would be nice to give a better indication of what that is, without having to make my sidebar bigger. Though, since I’m using a Template field to show the name, I guess I could just add some more info on a second line…

What you want to do is add the “type” field to your model.  Then add a custom renderer to your table that calls a snippet that appends  HTML Character references,  or Skuid Icon Div’s to your field based on the type.  It might be a pretty long case statement,  but not hard.

Regarding your insufficent priviledges links - you may be able to add conditions to your model to eliminate types where the user is not likely to have access.  You might also adjust the “Max Characters to Display” field so only the first 15 - 20 characters of the name are shown.

Keep up the good work!