SMS Alerts from Sidebar to Skuid

I’m trying to include the SMS alert that is currently present in my salesforce org sidebar. I’m trying to include it in a queue in a panel but I can’t seem to find the model that relates to the SMS alerts as seen in the picture below. The plan is if an item on the queue is clicked on, it redirects to the general SMS panel. After the redirect that SMS will be removed from the queue. Any help would be appreciated

Hi Izunna,

I’m not too familiar with the SMS panel feature in Salesforce…how did you go about setting it up?



The SMS is probably a third party app, as far as I know Salesforce does not provide that option.

If yes you simply need to find the object for your ‘messages’ and create a skuid page for it. Aggregate model and Group them by ‘contact’ and then u can create a drawer/popup to see each SMS individually…

I did the same for our org and we use a 3rd party app called Textey (previously known as SimpleSMS) and works like a charm

Hope it helps


Thanks for the suggestion. I just found out that we are using a third party API which is not creating an object. I probably wont be able to reference the SMS information but I’ll be looking more into the issue. Thanks for the help

My Solution involved inspecting the elements for this sidebar and copying the “SMS Alert” Iframe into a template in my skuid panel.