Slow loading skuid page

I have a Skuid page that always loads without an issue for me. However, I have a user that has trouble trying to load it. Sometimes they get an error that says Time Limit has been Exceeded and other times it loads after about 15-30 seconds. How can I troubleshoot this issue and determine the root cause? Thanks!

Try placing sensible limits on the number of rows that are to be loaded into each model. Perhaps this other person has visibility into more data then you such that when they load the page it tries to pull in much more data then when you do it.

Thanks Peter.  I have reduced all my models to 1 record limit and I have users complaining that they are still getting the “Time has exceeded” error.  Anything else I can check?

If there is a differene in performance between users of the same Skuid pages,  Its almost always going to be caused by factors external to the Skuid page and Salesforce.  Its going to be the network connection,  the computer speed, etc. 

If you are getting similar problems accross all users,  then you can start working on optimizing your data connections with Salesforce.  That is usually the culprit.  Here are a few key things we’ve discovered  when dealing with Models on objects with 100k+ records (under that, it doesn’t matter much):

1. Try to filter on at least one Primary or Foreign Key field, e.g. on AccountId, WhoId, WhatId, MyLookup__c.   Always filter on at least one indexed field.

2. Don’t use “negative” operators — e.g. “!=”, “not in”, “excludes”, “does not contain”, etc.

3. For queries on Tasks, try to always filter on CreatedDate or SystemModStamp, rather than on ActivityDate, as ActivityDate is not indexed.

I hope this helps.