Slow Loading Page Include With Queue

I just made my first queue for one of our custom objects.  I have the queue setup to a page include component for a related object’s detail page.  Everything seems to work fine, but the loading of the page include is really slow and take 15-20 seconds.  Is there anything I can do to speed it up?

First, disable the 10 Billion JavaScript loop in the page load.  Seriously, have you reviewed your models?  Can you delay loading some models?  Open Chrome developer tools and see if any errors in the Console tab.  Take a look at the Network tab and see if any obvious problems?

I’m not seeing any errors in the console or any problems in the network tab of the Chrome developer tools.  I did go in and clean up some models on the page used in the page include, but I don’t see that it helped any. There are several models and tabs on this page, but the page seems to load fine outside of the page include component.

Search the forum here for “performance”. There have been a number of discussions about improving page speed. After all the include page is just another page that needs to load. It just happens to get kicked off by a queue…