Sliding Panel - loss of functionality

It seems as if when you put certain components in the sliding panels, some functionality is lost. Namely:

  • Page includes don’t show up (I’m assuming this is similar to drawers)
  • My javascript for dragging and dropping to set table row order

I’m assuming that this occurs for a reason that isn’t fixable, but I’m looking for someone (Andrew?) to confirm that.

Do the page includes not show up in the panel themselves, or does a page include not work in the content of the actual page?

And same for the second point. Under what conditions exactly do the javascript for dragging and dropping not work?

If you have a page that can reproduce this, that would be helpful. Otherwise more details would be more helpful.

Griffin–Which version of Skuid are you using?

version 9.1

I’m going to guess that the functionality is lost because there is an inline script that runs before the component is rendered on the page. Does that make sense?

Hey Griffin, is this still a major blocker for you? Do you have a screenshot by any chance?