Sliding Panel Context is Lost

You’re introducing a new topic here.

Did we complete the first one? What results did you see when exploring the object in the console? Did you see that the Id being passed on the second time being opened was in fact different than the first one?

In regards to you second issue (which would be better to create a new post about for better responses from our team), why did you turn off the “Close When User Clicks Outside Panel”? That seems like a good thing to keep on for this instance. Furthermore, your interaction to “Close All Sliding Panels” is set to happen when you swipe right instead of click. Swipe right is an iPad/TouchScreen functionality. What you’re seeing happen after this setup seems like expected behavior. What happens when you adjust these two settings?

It is not passing data after the first click.  There is a problem in skuid.

I found the problem in second issue.  The page that was loaded had a corrupted response grid.  I found it by removing one section at a time until it worked. I then added back all sections as well as a new response grid and it works.

If the console is showing that the data isn’t passing through on the second time, then there is most likely a problem in the setup. Using the console to check the setup is a very useful tactic. The first is put in, but the problem lays in trying to update the second. How you’re removing the current and putting in the second needs attention. If the console showed that the second was updated, but the first showed, this would indicate a problem with Skuid. However, what we’re seeing indicates something else.

If I get time, I’ll try to recreate something similar with standard objects and share the XML.

We it be easier if I put the page in a sandbox?

We always recommend building pages in a sandbox and then, when finished testing, pushing it to your dev org. However, they’re the same when it comes to methods of construction, troubleshooting, etc.