Skuid's Amazing New Feature

For those of you who missed it Skuid demoed an amazing new feature at Dreamforce 14. The ability to have dynamic charts and graphs right in your Skuid pages. Very, very cool!! It was dynamic, extremely functional and of course the UI was gorgeous. It was my favorite new feature at Dreamforce 14 and was at the top of my wish list for new features… Skuid, you are doing amazing things! The stuff you are coming out with deserves its very own keynote! If people really knew how Skuid allows them to tap into and interact with their data and display it beautifully they would be amazed. Thank you for all your innovation and efforts! We all appreciate it!

Thanks Rich.  And we were super excited about your session.  JD told us that you hit it out of the park…  I don’t know about totals, but I think I talked to at least four people who literally came to our booth immediately after your session. Thanks a lot! 

(On the other hand - we’d totally take the Keynote…)

How did I miss this?! 

We’re just sneaky that way… Its not available in our package yet,  but we were showing it off at DF.  If you want a viewing, let us know and we’d be happy to arrange. 

are they recorded?  Couldn’t make it out this year.

Look out for the Dreamforce videos.  We understand that everything was recorded and will be posted on the Salesforce Youtube channel.  We showed off the charts at our Skuid Keynote session. 

Looks like they have the videos posted online now, but I can’t seem to find any Skuid sessions that have a video recording (I just searched for ‘skuid’).…

Any word on when this feature will be released? From what Rick said in his original post, this sounds like something that would be a big help for something I’ll be working on in a few weeks.

The plan is that Charts will be part of our Winter 15 release, which according to our release schedule we should have an initial release candidate available for by the end of December. To request to be part of a pilot release of Charts before then, please contact our CTO Mike (mike at skuidify dot com).

I looked up the session and unfortunately they have not posted a video yet. Being in the Dev zone I don’t know if videos were made or not. Ken did a great job of telling the story of how Skuid was born and then the demo was phenomenal. The session was titled:

Reinvent Your UI with Skuid: No Code, No Kidding
Don’t miss this year’s exciting Skuid announcements. Want a powerful Ui without writing code? Join us to learn how with Skuid, you always get what you want: Any number of columns, conditional rendering, one-click themes, filterable charts and tables, tabs, queues, and much more. Unlike custom coding, with Skuid you can adapt your UI at light speed and stop worrying about tedious deployments. Skuid is Salesforce1 Mobile App ready, so you can quickly create apps for any device.

We will just have to beg for a deep dive sneak peek one day if they ever have time. . .with a safe harbor notice of course. It really was powerful stuff. I was smiling the whole time!