Skuidified Site Page Not Loading in IE 11


We have a one page donation site page that is running at We noticed today that the page will not load in Internet Explorer. What is odd is that several employees can reproduce the issue, but not everyone can. We are all running IE 11, but our point releases are off slightly.

In the console, an unspecified error is displayed pointing to skuid_SkuidJS (for the users that can reproduce the issue). In production, we are running on Skuid 8.13.

Another interesting point is that we are actually rebuilding this page. In my sandbox I am running on Skuid 11.1.1. I have rebuilt the page with a few additional features. When I have the users who are having issues in production load the new page in IE 11 via the sandbox site the page does load. However, a few of the fields are not displayed and they get the below console errors.

This is very odd. Has anyone seen issues like this before?

Were you able to resolve this? It sounds like the intermittency could have to do with skuid licenses or permission sets, roles, users, etc.

Hi Stephen,

Yes, we are still experiencing the issue. We have gone live with the new version of the page and updated Skuid to 11.1.5. So, with this new version, we are seeing that in Internet Explorer a specific field editor is not rendering with an unspecified error. This field editor allows our donors to specify a specific donation amount as well as to choose whether the donation is a one time or recurring donation.

I have included a picture so you can see what it looks like in IE with the console log and the missing field editor. The picture on the bottom is from Chrome so you can see what the field editor looks like normally.

Interestingly, now I can reproduce the issue on my system. I updated to Windows 10 fall creators update and ever since then my Internet Explorer can reproduce the issue.

Thank you for the reply. I’m not sure that it has to do with any of the items you mentioned since we are using a site page authenticating with the guest site user. Essentially, everyone accessing the page has the same Skuid license and access to objects/fields etc.

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I think the problem is with using IE in the first place. :wink:

Is it an absolute requirement to support IE 11?

Yes, unfortunately, we are required to support IE 11. This is a customer facing site and with our demographic IE is actually the third most used browser (under Chrome and Safari). 

I would check your permissions on those two fields. Skuid better reflects the SF security model. Permission has to be given not only to the objects but the relationships between the objects. If it broke on upgrading, this is most likely the culprit. I’d also highly recommend updating to 11.1.6. 11.1.5 is a hotfix and 11.1.6 is it’s hotfix.

If you’ll paste the page’s XML here, I’ll take a look at it.

Hey Stephen,

The organization-wide defaults for both objects is public read/write and the site guest user has access to both objects and read/edit to all fields. I’m not sure what else to check permission wise. If it is a permission issue it would be odd that it only impacts IE 11 and not other browsers, but hey I’ve seen stranger things in the past.

Please see XML below, Thank you.

Page is built in newer version than is used in production?

The page was originally built in a sandbox that was on a newer version of Skuid than production. The thought was to build/test the page on the newer version of Skuid and then when we go live with the page update Skuid at the same time. We went live with the page a few weeks ago and updated Skuid. Since then we have updated Skuid several times in production due to some hotfixes. 

The old version of the page on the old version of Skuid wouldn’t even display for some users on IE 11 (white screen only). The new version of the new page just has that one field editor that won’t render for some IE 11 users. So it is an improvement, but still a big issue for us as those two fields are very important to the whole page. 



Can you email me the XML at

It’s not long enough to fit here

This page doesn’t appear to be built in Skuid. It appears to redirect to a separate page. If I delete the custom Javascript and CSS, then I don’t see this page show up at all. It seems to be a redirect. The URL changes and everything. I can see the picture you’ve posted without even having the objects in my sandbox. I don’t believe this is a Skuid issue because of this. doesn’t appear to be a skuid page. Can you show me otherwise?

The page is a Skuid page; if you navigate to that is a Salesforce site page that is running a Skuid page. In the below screenshot you can see that I have the console up and have logged skuid to show you all of the properties that skuid is providing on the page.

In your sandbox without the objects, javascript, or CSS I’m not sure how it would show up. I wouldn’t expect the page would work at all. Also, I’m not sure why your page is redirecting. What is the URL changing from and to? That is very odd.

Again thanks for looking at it.

All I have done is pasted your XML into one of our orgs here at skuid. In order for me to cancel the redirect, I have to delete the custom javascript off the page.

I’d certainly recommend deleting all of the custom javascript off your page and see if you still see the problem. That could very likely be the source of this issue regarding IE and Chrome. Let me know what you see after that. If the field still doesn’t show up after no css or javascript, then it could be a skuid issue and I’ll continue the investigation then.