Skuidified Field Create/Edit?

This one is a bit out there… but I know you all like to solve skuid/salesforce puzzles, so here goes…

We have an object in our app which contains almost exclusively checkbox fields. It would be awesome if the admins of various orgs using our app could easily edit or add fields to that object from within the skuid ui.

I’m imagining what amounts to a skuid table which shows the names of all of the checkbox fields on the object, and let’s users add fields (and edit labels, but not api names).

Is there any way to grab that kind of metadata and display it in skuid? I think I could get to the list of fields through a custom component? And then use the field metadata to display only the checkbox fields. The trick would be how to write metadata back to SFDC. Can Apex do that?

Is this too crazy to even think about?