skuid won't work in my sandbox and When I try to insall banzai I get an install error

I am still having this issue on CS2 sandbox, I just granted access to my selfonboar sandbox

Brandon.  Sorry this issue fell through the cracks for a few days. 

Since Skuid has not been able to be successfully installed in your org - we really cannot offer any assistance to debug or fix things. 

You need to contact standard salesforce support through whatever channels you use to do that.  This one is in thier court. 

Skuid is already installed in this org but it stopped working at all, the pages tab never loads, All I need to do is copy an XML page from production so we can do our development work

Ok.  Pivot quickly.  If all you need is to get the xml from one of your pages in this sandbox,  you can use your favorite data management tool and export pages records. 

But I’m also interested in why Skuid doesn’t load.  Do you get any javascript errors?  Mind sending us a screenshot? 

there is no error, I have granted skuid log in access to the sandbox, can you log in and see what is going on?

For Posterity:  Salesforce had a pretty bad bug in the CS2 sandbox environment that was preventing access to static resources from any managed package.  It took down Skuid hard,  as well as a bunch of other packages.  We opened a ticket with Salesforce support and they acknowledged it and fixed the issue promptly.  Brandon got back up and running!