Skuid won't bring in ID into URL

I’m having an issue moving from a pre-production environment to production. I have a url that references the lead ID. However, when I have a redirect URL in Skuid that has the URL.ID={{WhoId}}, when the url is populated, the {{WhoId}} is completely blank. It was working a few days ago, and I went to update the xml with updated functionality unrelated to the URL in question, and now this redirect isn’t work. Has anybody seen this? I also have another Account Redirect URL that is acting in the same fashion…completely leaving the ID in the URL blank.

Er … uh … huh? WhoId is a field on the Event and Task object. Where is this URL being generated from? Have to assume a Task or Event record. If so, check to ensure the model on the Task or Event has the WhoId field included.

Hey Pat - So, in my model, I’ve tried ID, WhatID, WhoId. Previously, it was working with ID. But now, the ID in the URL is completely blank. Another button I have on the page that references a specific URL.ID={{Id}} works…but another one for a DifferentURL.ID=BLANK instead of {{Id}}. I had to pull it from my release tonight…I will have screenshots tomorrow. Interestingly, in a pre-prod environment, everything was working and redirecting as expected. Then in prod, the Id was blank in the URL.

Strange indeed. Can you provide the XML to the page?

Here is the last XML to work in Prod…except, when I copied the exact URL that was being called for the Reassign Lead button, it didn’t work tonight. I had a deadline for my release tonight so it was pulled, but still need to figure this out soon to get that piece of functionality back in.





PCG - {{Name}} Lead Detail<br>

Lead Owner: {{Lead_Owner_Read_Only__c}}


missing much of the XML

Pat - you are amazing! Thank you for the insight and fix!!! For anyone that might land on this post, I had my Page Title//Button referring to another model (Activities) instead of the main model (Leads). Once we changed the button to a page title referring to Leads, then it worked!!!