Skuid with MSSQL - Unable to update records

We are using Skuid for Salesforce as well as for content management of our MSSQL server. We have a number of tables which we’ve been updating successfully for over a year or so. Over the last 5 days, however, we’ve been having an issue where we can query our database and return rows to our skuid models, but when we make changes and then save, we get an error:

Error: An internal server error occurred

After this happens, we aren’t able to even query our database to return rows to our model.

We’ve set up an SQL trace to see what happens, and it appears that there’s our initial sql update command, but this is then followed up with an sql select command for data that has nothing to do with our database structure, or any of the sql-managing pages we’ve created in skuid.

As an example, this would be like I’m trying to update a record relating to the colour of a car, and the follow-up sql “select” is asking for records relating to the customer purchasing scores for baskets from Albania.

Because our database doesn’t return any data to the second request, we think the transaction for the initial update doesn’t get committed or rolled-back, and the whole sql session hangs.

Nothing had changed with our database structure or permissions. I had initially suspected that the account used for the sql connection might’ve had an expired password, which I reset and configured in the skuid datasource settings. After doing this, tested the database connection and this was all fine, but we still get the same issue with weird select queries.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi Casey, thanks for asking. I have a couple questions:

  1. Just to double check, you said nothing has changed with the database structure. So to confirm, there’s no new objects or fields? Sometimes if the data source objects / fields are out of sync between SQL and Skuid that can cause issues.

Documentation: SQL Troubleshooting

  1. Also, what version of Skuid are you using?

Hi Anna,
Thanks for the quick response.

  1. Nothing has changed with the database structure or metadata.
  2. We’re currently running on version 14.3.2, which I know requires updating. There’s been a few reasons with our existing pages in SF and extensive testing which we’re going through to get this updated.

However, this morning, I tried going back to my original test site, which I developed on a trial domain, and I was able to replicated the same problem. I also tried setting up a new datasource to my SQL server, this time with a different connection name. This also had the same issue. I then restored a copy of the database from an older backup (from when I knew I wasn’t having issues), with both the original sql login, and with a new sql login. I ensured the access and permissions were all correct.

There’s not much more I can think of to test in this situation. Maybe if I were to restore the backup to an Azure SQL instance and try from there?

Hi Casey, I just wanted to let you know I reached out to our internal team. They’re investigating this issue. I’ll keep you posted with what they discover.

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Edit: I should’ve checked before posting my original response below.

This all appears to be working correctly now with no changes at my end. I’m assuming the internal team has made some corrective changes.


Hi Anna, I was wondering how the internal team’s work has gone. I’ve seen in the last week that there were some gateway connection errors, which I assumed were your team’s doing.



Yes Casey, our team resolved the issue. Thanks so much for reporting it!


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