Skuid V2 Recommendations

Page Builder

  1. Clone all the things. Component elements like a button.
  2. Ability to scroll up and down while dragging/moving a component.

  3. Ability to copy all the things.
      a) Components
      b) States
  4. When switching between Variables/Components the selected item should be what is displayed.
  5. Set left and right panels to 12.5% of page vs fixed width. They’re super narrow on a 4K monitor.
  6. Collapsible sections in main panel.
  7. Comments field for each Variables/Components.
  8. Status field for each Variables/Components. ie. Not Started, In Progress, Completed.
  9. Ability to sort Variables/Components.
  10. Show Colors in dropdown in order found in Colors.
  11. XML access if this is stored as XML.
  12. Ability to use have 2 portions of text in button. 1 left aligned and the other right aligned.
  13. Border icons need to be bolded. Difficult to see on a 4K monitor.

Pat, this is great, thoughtful feedback. We will take a look internally at each of these. Thank you!