Skuid v2 - Accessing the title of a page


Does anyone know where I can access the title of a page (‘Page Title’) which you can set next to ‘Page name’ and ‘Module’?

I have been able to get it via component’s properties - component.state.title or component.get(‘title’), though I want to get title of page that hasn’t been created.

I haven’t been able to find the field in any of the Objects prefixed with ‘skuid__’.

Any ideas?



Hey @lukaspovilonis

There is a merge syntax(if this is what you are referring to).

Let me know if that helps.

Hi @Germany1@Germany ,

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be enough, What I want is to make the navigation more dynamic. User will be able to go to different pages based on attributes specific to them, e.g. some users might get to see one type of report while others another type. And, there are too many options to create many buttons (or nav options). Currently, I changed the page name/id, but it’s not ideal.

Hence, I want to be able to access the page title of a page that I haven’t loaded yet so I can show it as a label on the button/nav-option.



@lukaspovilonis in order to do that, you would have to use the deck component and create your own navigation. on click, you will need to have your own logic that tells it to go to XYZ page.

Are you using Page includes by chance?

Also, can you provide an example screenshot to help us better define a solutuion?