Skuid usage in China - JQuery

We recently assigned a new Skuid user in China office. When we logged into the China user’s account in Australia, Skuid works fine; while users physically locate in China can not get to skuid pages. Network diagnostics result led us to believe that China has blocked Google and JQuery in Skuid failed as a result.

Has this happened before? And is there any workaround?

We do have long term plan to release Skuid in Asian office. So this issue will become critical.

Please help to shed some light.


Please go to and install one of the 2 latest patch versions.  Starting with Superbank patch 6 we made an adjustment so that if a CDN was being blocked - a local version of the necessary resources would be loaded.  This was done in light of exactly the same situation you describe.  

Let us know if the newer versions do not solve the problem for you.  

Thanks, Rob! We will try it out :slight_smile:

Have tried out and tested with China user, the patch does seem to resolve the issue. Will Skuid push the patch to orgs anytime soon?