Skuid Upgrade - Toggle element rows not working!

Hi All,
We’ve recently migrated from Skuid version 11.1.18 to Chicago Update 1 ( and currently having trouble with toggling the elements to “edit” and “readOnly” modes on button click.

Upon clicking Edit On/Off button, we’re invoking a javascript enabling/disabling fields sitting in a particular element row. This is working fine for version 11.1.18.

For Chicago Update 1 ( - When debugging this javascript through console, it seems row element modes are getting toggled between “edit” and “readOnly” but the fields within those rows are not getting toggled. here’s a sample code below -

f = skuid.component.getById(<Id of div row>).element;
if(f!==undefined && f.mode !==undefined){

if(f.mode !== 'edit'){
    f.mode = 'edit';


Any help/suggestions on this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks !

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Hey @vishwajitwalke and welcome to the community!

This is something you can do without JS. You’ll need to clone those components and have one in each mode (e.g. a form in edit and then a clone of that form in read-only) and then use display logic to show/hide them.

Thanks @anon57098112. Eventually I found the solution by following steps mentioned in Using "Run Component Action" to switch to Edit mode..