skuid:Too many SOQL queries: 101

I have a large page with 103 models and 16 charts.  I just started getting this error on one particular skuid page. “skuid:Too many SOQL queries: 101”  It doesn’t happen on all Accounts. But not all accounts are using all the models. What are the tricks to limit this error?  

I am assuming that each model counts as a SOQL query and so I need to reduce my total models down under 100 is that accurate?

If I break the data into page includes will that help me solve the issue long term?

Page include extravaganza time!

Perfect! Quick fix. I just moved all my charts and the 60 objects that make up the charts to a page include. Problem solved and made room for other things in both pages.  

For those engaging in this exciting endeavor a quick way to do this is to just clone your main page and call it something different (I always end my page includes with “pageinclude”.  Then just start paring  the second page down into the page you need it to be.  This works well on tabs of information.  Remove the models that you don’t need too so you don’t have duplicates and you are all set.  Rename and models that both pages need so each model in both pages is unique.  Pretty quick process.  You just have to make sure your models are pointed to the correct info.

I had a similar sized page and went through the process of breaking down the page into page includes. Not only did it help avoid the errrors, it also becomes easier and quicker to make changes to a page.

If you’ve got one save/cancel button on the main page, you can a custom component we made to register models from a child to it.