Is skuid.time.getLocalDateTime() a legit skuid function?

If so, is it different than skuid.time.getSFDateTime()?

I’m getting some javascript errors on a page where I am trying to subtract 1 day from a specified date, and I may have the issue narrowed down to a function in one of our static resources which uses skuid.time.getLocalDateTime(). I don’t see that function in the skuid.time documentation.

Yes, it’s a legit undocumented skuid function.  Skuid uses it to to adjust times for discrepancies between the user’s browser’s timezone and their Salesforce timezone setting.  In Skuid we show all datetimes in the timezone of the Salesforce setting, not in the browser’s timezone.  Thanks for pointing out the hole in our docs.  I added the documentation.  Let me know if you still have questions after reading the docs.

Awesome. Definitely clarifies. Thanks!